Transfer Station

The Transfer Station serves the year-round and seasonal residents of Blue Hill, Surry, Brooklin, Brooksville, and Sedgwick.


885 Ellsworth Road
Blue Hill, Maine 04614



Holiday Closures

New Years Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day


  • Single Sort will continue to accept ALL recycleable items but sorting will also be available for corrugated cardboard, newspaper, and tin.

  • Sorted items can be deposited at the different windows along the front of the main building.

Visiting the Transfer Station

  • The facility serves the residents and businesses of Blue Hill, Surry, Brooklin, Brooksville, and Sedgwick.

  • Valid stickers are required to be affixed to and visible from all vehicles.

  • Stickers are available, free of charge, at the participating town offices and at the Transfer Station. Photo identification is required.

  • The demolition area is open 7:30am-4:30pm, closing at 3:30 during Winter.

  • Drop materials at their proper locations, including recycling and reuse areas.

  • All ferrous metals such as iron, steel, wire fencing, parts of vehicles, and oil tanks are accepted only if prearranged with the Manager.

  • Removal of copper, aluminum, or brass is prohibited.

  • Ash of any kind is never accepted.

  • Check with staff before removing anything from the Transfer Station.

  • Transfer Station staff are happy to answer questions and provide direction.

Disposal Fees

  • Refrigerators, a/c units, dehumidifiers, freezers, and anything with Freon: $12

  • Construction/Demolition debris: $120/ton

  • Mattresses and other furniture: $5/each

  • Universal Waste:

    • TVs and monitors: FREE

    • Console TVs and TVs over 26": FREE

    • Commercial Fluorescent lights: $1/tube

    • Compact fluorescent light bulbs: FREE

  • Tires, removed from rim: FREE up to 22"

  • Boat Hulls: $100 minimum Disposal must be prearranged with the Manager

  • Waste Oil: Up to 5 gallon at a time: FREE

Demolition Permits

  • Permit are available from the town where the work is being performed.

  • Contractors who reside outside of the Transfer Station service area and are performing work on a property within the service area must have a permit.

  • Permit must include a contact telephone number and address.

  • Permit is a two-part form:

    • The Yellow copy is given to the recipient

    • The White copy stays at the Town Office

  • Recipients give the yellow copy to the Transfer Station staff.

  • Permit expirations is based on the expiration date or the size of load.

  • Permit numbers should be entered on the receipt at the Transfer Station.

  • Permits are not issued at the Transfer Station.

Transfer Station Committee

The Committee is made up of Selectboard members from Blue Hill and Surry.  Meetings take place on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 4pm. Minutes of the current year are posted here. Contact us to request minutes that are more than one year old.