Parks & Public Spaces

Blue Hill is home to a number of public spaces. Use varies and some spaces host ongoing activities and events for year-round enjoyment by residents and visitors of all ages. 


Town Park

  • Location: End of Water Street
  • Features: Playground, picnic tables, and tidal access to water (via stairs), portable toilets on site Memorial Day weekend to approx. Columbus Day
  • Parking lot 

Blue Hill Consolidated School Playground

  • Location: 60 High Street
  • Features: Climbing structures, swing sets, bars, basketball courts, picnic tables, field
  • Available to the public outside of school hours
  • Parking lot 

Horton Emerson Park

  • Location: Water Street
  • Features: Pocket park (1/8 acre) at waterfront. "The Window of the Sea Wind" sculpture by Hitoshi Tanaka.
  • Parking at Town Wharf
  • park information / sculpture information

Malcolm Saunders / AA Fields

  • Location: Union Street
  • Features: Athletic fields and bleachers. Refreshment stand and restrooms during games.
  • Parking lot at Peninsula Ice Skating Rink or along Union Street 

Community Walking Trail

  • Location: Union Street
  • Features: 0.3 mile loop
  • Parking lot at Peninsula Ice Skating Rink or along Union Street

Peninsula Ice Skating Rink

  • Location: Union Street
  • Features: Seasonal ice rink, skate house, evening lighting
  • Parking lot or along Union Street
  • more information

Blue Hill Village Wharf

  • Location: Water Street, behind Fire Station
  • Features: Tide-based dock and floats
  • Parking lot

South Blue Hill Town Wharf

  • Location: Wharf Road, South Blue Hill
  • Features: Launching facility and floats, fishing from floats
  • Parking lot 

Ruth Hayes Field

  • Location: Mountain Road
  • Features: Hiking, large open field at base of Blue Hill Mountain that connects to Blue Hill Heritage Trust trails and the summit of Blue Hill, seating area at top of field.
  • Parking lot on Mountain Road

Please observe all posted rules and regulations. Some venues require a permit for private functions. Contact the Town Office for more information.

Our town is proud to host a number of properties that are open to the pubic and held in conservation by Blue Hill Heritage Trust.